FM Technical Profile: WZZK

Station Name/Slogan:
104.7 WZZK, Today's New Country And Your Familiar Favorites
Contemporary Country
Transmitter Location:
About 1/2 mile west of Red Mtn Expressway on Red Mtn.
Power (ERP):
99 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
1299 feet.
Other Information:
How's the Signal?
Signal is excellent  over most all of Jefferson and Shelby counties. Can be received well in Cullman, Tuscaloosa, Gadsden, Anniston, Clanton and more.
530 Beacon Parkway West, Birmingham.
Cox Radio Inc.
Noted Personalities:
Patti and Dollar Bill, mornings; Scott Stewart; Cat West; Larry "Bud" Bryant; Don Dailey; Laurie Mundy; Rachael Steele.
How's it sound?
The sound quality of this station has improved considerably recently. I find it interesting that their main competition, WOW 102, also cleaned up their sound recently too. I hope you country music fans will call them on it if they ever go back to sounding as bad as they used to!
This station goes back to the early days of FM as WJLN, the FM simulcast of counterpart of WJLD 1400 AM. This was Birmingham's first AoR station, back in the 70's. The station played whole albums! Their slogan was  "WJLN plays the albums". Then WZZK,  "Country Sunshine on FM 105" was born.
Now is the market leading country station.

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