FM Technical Profile: WZEW

Station Name:
92 the Zew
Adult Alternative
Transmitter Location:
Atop AmSuth Bank Building, downtown Mobile.
Power (ERP):
13.5 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
449 feet.
Other Information:
Noted Personalities:
Began in early 60's as WABF FM, counterpart to WABF AM. Format was easy listening. About 10 years later, it was sold to Mobile R&B daytimer WGOK to provide night service as WGOK FM. Later in the 70's the AM and FM were sold seperately and the FM because a religious outlet with the calls WHSP (With Holy Spirit Power). In the 80's it became album rocker WZEW, The Zoo. Critically acclaimed, it was never a ratings success mainly because of signal limitations. It's a class A signal transmitting from the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Station went into bankruptcy in 1989. A new owner boosted the station to class C3 status with a new tower in Mobile. Still not a ratings success with it's eclectic rock format, it changed to WGCX classic rock when those and format were given up by 104.1 FM. The demise of WZEW brewed furor by a small but vocal group of listeners. After a short period of time off the air, yet another license put up the WZEW calls and format back on the air. Station is now co-owned with WAVH.



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