AM Technical Profile: WYDE

Conservative Talk
Transmitter Location:
Off Tallapoosa Street, just north of Tarrant City.
Power (ERP):
50,000 watts days / 1,000 watts night
4 towers day: light nulls to the north and northwest / 4 towers night: strong lobe to the south southeast, secondary lobes due east and northeast.
Other Information:
Owned by Crawford Broadcasting
Started off as WILD in the late 50's. Under ownership of Bartell Broadcasting, it became the first major Top 40 sound for the city as WYDE. Bartell was one of the leading propagators of this format, having highly sucessful Top 40's in such places as San Francisco (KYA), San Diego (KCBQ), Atlanta (WAKE) and Milwaukee (WOKY). It's best years were pre-1963 before WSGN took the crown. At that time, WYDE had studios across from Vulcan on US 31; you could drive up, watch the DJ and make requestsin person! The station later went country and stayed that way for many years, until FM competition won. It then went through several formats, including Christian music, oldies, nostalgia and classic country. The station had a long stint recently as a Radio Disney affiliate (calls were WMKI - Mickey) with it's children's format.
The transmitter site is just north of Tarrant City. Originally the day power was only 10 kW, but was later increased to 50 kW. The night directional antenna pattern was directed south, a little too narrow to properly take in the eastern and western edges of sprawling Birmingham and suburbs. At some point the power was reduced from 50 kW days to about 9 kW, with 1 kW or less at night, leaving this mighty station with a very small signal that barely reached the suburbs.
In December the station left the Radio Disney format and switched to a semi-religious oriented talk format with a "LifeTalk 850" slogan and the classic WYDE calls.
In mid-2000, the station dropped the "LifeTalk 850" slogan for "Talk Radio 850".  They have since procured ex-WERC morning hosts Russ and Dee fine for their morning slot, and Edie Hand, Elvis' cousin, for their afternoon position. Crawford Broadcasting, owners, have finished the upgrades to return the station to 50 kW days, and have added AM stereo as well. :)  The station, as of about mid-October, has the slogan "WYDE (Wide) Talk 850".



Transmitter location:

Daytime antenna pattern:

Nighttime antenna pattern: