AM Technical Profile: WVMI

Talk, News, Sports
Transmitter Location:
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day / 1,000 watts night.
4 towers day: Primary lobe to the south-southeast, secondary lobes to the north-northeast and east-northeast / 4 tower night: Primary lobe to the southwest, secondary lobes to the northwest and east-southeast.
Other Information:
Owned by Rainey
Call letters WVMI (Voice of MississippI) date back to at least 1959 when it was a top 40 daytimer. Erected a 6 tower array to go fulltime in the late 60's. In fact, coupled with it's then FM sister, WQID 93.7, the two stations frequently had comined share in excess of 68! As FM compeition got formidable, it pushed them into news-talk. They made a brief comeback into country, oriented to older traditional sound (now found on 1240 AM), then returned to talk and new.

Transmitter map:

Daytime antenna pattern:

Nighttime antenna pattern: