FM Technical Profile: WVFJ

Station Name:
J 93.3
Contemporary Christian, talk.
Transmitter Location:
Northwest of Greenville, GA
Power (ERP):
27 kW
Antenna HAAT:
1600 feet
Other Information:
Provident Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Noted Personalities:
Jerry Williams and Sheila Richards mornings; Tiffany Thorpe, middays; Frank Reed and Parks Stamper, PM drive; Scott Stephenson, evenings; Chad Davis, Joanna Clark, Page Long and Greg Michaels: weekends.
The following historical information has been taken with permission from the excellent Atlanta Radio Guide:
Poor Atlanta signal. Calls were once WFDR after former president Roosevelt who spent time in nearby Warm Springs. Was in the past targeted more to the Columbus market. A number of proposals to move the station to a taller tower closer to Atlanta have been made, but none have materialized. Station downgraded from C to C-1 to facilitate such a move. Without the downgrade, the required mileage separation to 92.9 MHz would have prevented the move. They are either now broadcasting from a taller facility, or are about to do so (something like 27 kW at 1600', which is the equivalent of 100 kW at 983', a maxed out C-1).

Transmitter map:

Protected contour status: