AM Technical Profile: WTIX

Talk, News
Transmitter Location:
New Orleans.
Power (ERP):
50,000 watts day / 5,000 watts night.
4 towers day:  / 4 towers night:
Other Information:
Reception good during daytime only.
Owned by GHB
This station was top 40 WWEZ until 1958, when WTIX 1450 (a class IV AM signal) bought the more desirable frequency. WTIX was one of the 6 Storz stations (Storz was among the nation's earliest and most diminant top 40 broadcasters). WTIX remained a powerhouse in the market from 1958 until the late 70's, AM top 40 became a dinosaur. Keeping the legendary calls, it then embarked on various attempts at a viable format... Oldies, all-talk, nostalgia and back to all-talk where it is today. The daytime signal covers a large area; night time one does in theory, but Cuban interference keeps it from being a reality.

Transmitter map:

Daytime antenna pattern:

Nighttime antenna pattern: