AM History Profile: WTBC

The station was but on the air in the 40's as WJRD-AM. Those calls eventually moved to 1150 kHz.
Top 40 during the 60's, 1230 had the calls WTBC (Tuscaloosa Broadcasting Company) and was  flagship of University of Alabama sports. WTBC FM came from this station.  Later became WRLX (Relax) with easy listening, then switched to talk with the calls WTNW. (Became the second station in Alabama to air Don and Mike. -- Zach) The station was bought out a fews ago by Cox Broadcasting so they could get ahold of its sister station, WFFX-FM, 95.7.  That station was moved to become a Birmingham rimshot and the AM station went to easy listening with the WTBC calls. The format didn't seem to last too long, however, as the station is now back to talk and news.