AM Technical Profile: WROA

Easy Listening
Transmitter Location:
North of I-10 in Orange Grove.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day and night.
8 towers day and night: Patterns similar, strong lobe to the south, lesser signal to the east-southeast.
Other Information:
Dowdy and Dowdy
Call letters WROA (Riviera of America) date back to at least 1960 when it was a 1 kW daytimer playing MoR music. Around 1970, the owners erected an 8 tower array to go 5 kW fulltime. Station then went top 40 and moved the elevator music to WROA FM 107.1. Once FM competition forced a change, the AM went back to instrumental-based easy listening. Incredibly, the station airs that format as of right now -- practically the only one in the country left in the format. It is difficult to imagine the revenue from this format covering the maintenance costs of an 8-tower DA system (these towers are more than 1/4 wave high too!)

Transmitter map:

Daytime antenna pattern:

Nighttime antenna pattern: