AM Technical Profile: WRJS

Black Gospel
Transmitter Location:
Daniel Payne Drive near Corridor X area, just east of US 78.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day / 111 watts night
1 tower: Omnidirectional
Other Information:
Owned by Cox Radio Inc.
1320 AM: Originally WEZB, for a while it was Top 40 with an easy listening presentation. It later became WENN, a station targeting a black audience, owned by Maclendon Ebony Group. Was a dominant station but weakened in the 70's by a walkout during ownership change. The personell went to 900 AM, then WLBS, and the popularity followed. Station was sold to a local black-owned insurance company (headed by A. G. Gaston, hence the new WAGG calls), which also bought WENN FM, spawned from this AM station. Recently, these calls and format were swapped with WEZN 610 AM, to give the profitable black gospel format a better signal. Calls became WEZN and it had a nostaliga / standards format, until spring of 2000, when it switched to black gospel with the "Rejoice 1320" slogan and WRJS calls.



Transmitter location: