AM Technical Profile: WRCG

Talk, news, sports talk.
Transmitter Location:
Power (ERP):
5 kW day and night.
1 tower day: Omnidirectional / 2 tower nights: Directional to the southeast, with a secondary lobe in the opposite direction.
Other Information:
1420 was originally WRBL (Wee-Rebel Radio), from which WRBL TV 3 and WRBL FM 102.9 sprang. Has always been the market's news authority. The station was a mixture of MoR music, personality, sports and local/network news. The music was phased out with the advent of FM. Became WRCG (Radio Columbus Georgia) when the TV and radio went their seperate ways.
Below, the transmitter location. Click to interact. At the bottom, WRCG's nighttime antenna pattern.