FM Technical Profile: WQOP

Station Name:
Religious (Catholic)
Transmitter Location:
Alabama 261, approx. 1/2 mile north of Walker County line.
Power (ERP):
2.2 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
548 feet.
Other Information:
How's the Signal?
Signal is poor over most all of Jefferson and Shelby counties. Can be received in Jasper and Dora best. Signal practically non-existant east of Irondale and Trussville.
Noted Personalities:
How's it sound?
The sound quality of this station is below average. I don't know what's happened to this station! Recently the station has impoved very little. The audio is still weak and hollow sounding, with no hint of treble or bass whatsoever.
This station started out as a rimshot into the Birmingham market from the tiny Walker County town of Dora. Originally a top 40/dance hybrid station, its calls were WZJT (the JT for J.T. Roberts Broadcasting, who owned it; J.T. Roberts also has a club in east Birmingham) with the slogan "Party Radio, Z-92.5".  The weak signal kept it from making inroads in Birmingham, and the sound was super-compressed. Apparently they decided to compensate for lack of signal strength by pumping the sound way over the top. It was very fatiging to listen to! (Date unknown) is when this station stopped the music and went religious. It became one of the few Catholic religious outlets in the United States when it picked up EWTN's radio service. Sometime after going religious, the calls were changed to WQOP.
Transmitter location,
Protected contour status: