AM History Profile: WNZZ

Originally WRMA (Radio Montgomery Alabama), with a black oriented format. Co-owned with WAOK, Atlanta R&B giant. Was a daytimer. In the 70's, evolved into a mixed R&B / top 40 format, and later fully top 40, as a full timer. In the late 70's, when the FM rock stations went to top 40, AM 950 became the only rock station in Montgomery. They also changed their calls to WLSQ with the "95 Rock" moniker. In the mid 80's, the station simulcasted with WSYA-FM and became WSYA-AM. It then picked up the nostalgia format, even thought it kept the WSYA calls. In fact they stayed WSYA even after the FM changed their calls! For about a one year period, the station tried an all-news CNN satellite fed format with lots of local news and TV news simulcasts, but eventually they went back to satellite fed nostalgia with about 5 hours of simulcasting WSFA-TV's morning news programs.