AM Technical Profile: WNTM

Talk, News
Transmitter Location:
Telegraph Road, north of downtown.
Power (ERP):
1,000 watts day and night.
3 towers, day and night: large lobe to the southwest towards Mobile and Tillmans Corner.
Other Information:
Owned by Clear Channel
710 began operations in the 40's as WKRG (for Kenneth R. Giddens, owner). WKRG-FM and WKRG-TV 5 were spawned from this AM. Has always been an adult-appeal station, CBS affiliated, MoR music, with talk shows. Evolved to all-talk in the 80's as FM made music on AM unprofitable. Calls changed to WNTM (News Talk Mobile) when station was sold in the early 90's. Now co-owned with WPMI-TV 15. Due to interference from Cuba stations at night, the station has applied for (and received an allocation  for) moving to the expanded band. If they choose to go they'll be at 1660 kHz, stereo.



Transmitter map:

Antenna pattern (may be nighttime only now):