AM History Profile: WMSP

740 from the 50's through the 70's was WBAM, The Big Bam. Unusual for a daytimer, it was a top 40 station. Had a 5/8 wave tower and enjoyed phenomenal coverage. Had a strong listener base in small towns (much like WVOK in Birmingham -Zach) nearly 100 miles away.  Due to FM competition, it later went country. In the early 80's the station was sold to WLWI-FM and they simulcast for a while. It also changed its name to WLWI for that short time. In the late 80's, the station went to nostalgia, then to plain oldies around the time the power dropped; now sports talk rules the airwaves. Has reduced power and moved to a different transmitter site, so it is no longer the coverage monster.