TV Technical Profile: WMPV

TBN, All American TV
Transmitter Location:
WJTV-TV tower.
Power (ERP):
4.37 MW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
1430 feet.
Directional: Lobes to the east and west, towards Pensacola and Mobile.
Other Information:
Station History:
WMPV (Mobile Pensacola Video)'s original construction permit holder invisioned an independent commercial TV station, but sold out to a loca religious broadcaster who put it on as all-religious in 1985. His operation failed and the station went silent for a while in the late 80's. It came back on as a Trinity Broadcasting Network affiliate, relaying that satellite feed almost 100% of the time. The antenna is side-mounted on the WJTV-TV tower. The original owner buildt an enormously expensive, elaborate studio in west Mobile, which was abandoned. WMPV now uses the studio site once used by WPMI, in Tower on Ryan Park.
The transmitter location is shown on top. Click on the map to interact. On the bottom, WMPV's antenna pattern.