AM Technical Profile: WMOB

Transmitter Location:
On the Bay Causeway (I-10) east of the Bankhead Tunnel, not too for from the USS Alabama battleship.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts days / 212 watts nights.
2 towers day and night: nulled strongly to the northeast.
Other Information:
Owned by B. Tucker
1360 premiered in 1960 as WLIQ, a classy easy listening station. Later became a MoR station, though it struggled being a directional daytimer. Has been off the air at times and had different call letters... The station was country and top 40 in the 70's, then all talk as WPCY. Sold inthe 80's to a religious broadcaster, it has been WMOB with the same religious format since then. The studio is located with the transmitter (see above) and has night time power added. The signal is excellent.

Transmitter map:

Antenna pattern: