AM History Profile: WHHY

1440 was originally WSFA (South's Finest Airfield -- a reference to Maxwell AFB) and WSFA TV 12 grew out of it. Later, radio and TV were sold seperately and this station became WHHY. The significance of those calls? It's sister stations were WHNY, WHSY and  WHXY. Was top 40 for most of the 60's and 70's, at time complementing WHHY-FM. Simulcasted WHHY-FM for some time in the mid 90's before the FM went to country.
After dismal ratings this summer, the station has switched to all news, simulcating CNN Headline News. When WNCF's news programming comes back (most likely November 1st) it will likely be on WHHY as well. Became WLWI-AM when they switched to CNN Headline News audio. Around June of 2000 this station moved to a talk and news format. Most of the news is Headline News on nights and weekends.