AM Technical Profile: WLVV

Black gospel
Transmitter Location:
Near the USS Alabama battleship on the Mobile Causeway. Studios are there now as well.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day and nights.
2 towers day and night: Nulled to the north strongly.
Other Information:
Owned by Martin
1410 is Mobile's oldest surviving station. It's also the city's best AM signal, day or night, attributable to it's great location in the salt marshes of the Mobile Bay marshes. Began operation as WODX. For most of it's history, it was NBC affiliated WALA, which spawned WALA-TV. In 1963, TV and radio were sold seperately, and this was the beginning of a 20 year journey as WUNI, a market dominating country station. The calls stood for "You and I" but also was also called Woonie, with the station mascot the Woonie Bird. Mel Tillis, stuttering country singer, bought the station in the early 80's, kept it country as WMML (that stood for M-M-M-Mel :-) ... Tillis shut the station down after FM competition trounced it. Sold the station to a black broadcaster who put it back on as a rap-oriented station with the same call letters. Despite good ratings, the station was financially and went dark again. A religious broadcaster ressurected the station in the early 90's as WLVV, Love Radio. It now airs mostly black gospel.
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