AM Technical Profile: WLGS

Adult Standards
Transmitter Location:
East of downtown Birmingham off 3rd Ave. North.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day / 41 watts night
Other Information:
Owned by Crawford Broadcasting
1260 AM: Originally WCRT (owned by Chapman Radio and Television company, hence the calls) was a high-brow easy listening station. WCRT 96.5 FM (now WMJJ) spawned from this AM. Sometime in the mid 80's it became an oldies station. In the early ? 90's the station switched to an all business format, driven out of oldies by the new FM oldies outlet. The calls changed to WCEO. In the last year the station was purchased by WDJC, turned into a black gospel outlet to compete with WAGG and added stereo to be more competitive. The Birmingham News reported that WDJC radio will become WLGS with a switch to big band and classical music to compete with Dick Broadcasting's WEZN. The station is playing more of a big band/standards format, calling itself "Legends 1260" with some nice old fashioned jingles. The stereo pilot went off for a while, but now it's back on and the station sounds great.

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WLGS transmitter map