AM Technical Profile: WKSJ

Adult Standards - Stardust
Transmitter Location:
Just north of St. Stephens Highway, right to the east of I-65. The tower also supports WAVH-FM.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts days / 103 watts nights.
1 tower: Omnidirectional
Other Information:
1270 began in the early 50's as WAIP, a daytimer country station in suburban Prichard. In the 60's, it was an easy listening station with the calls WSIM (Wonderful Sound In Mobile), then briefly top 40 with the same calls. After that, it went back to country as WZAM. Purchased by Kenneth S. Johnson, it became WKSJ. WKSJ-FM because the market leader as a country station, with WKSJ-AM simulcating. In the late 70's, briefly went to WLLF, a Music of Your Life station, then back to country simulcast. Under new ownership, it tried syndicated talk shows in 1998-99. Technically a daytimer, it stayed on at night with minimal power.
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