TV Technical Profile: WJSU

Transmitter Location:
Bald Rock Mtn., near Moody.
Power (ERP):
5 MW.
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
 1,299 feet.
Omnidirectional (Polarization: Elliptical)
Other Information:
Station History:
Station signed on October 26, 1969 as WHMA-TV. Was owned by local newspaper Anniston Star, which also owned WMHA-AM and FM. Station started with programming from NBC and CBS, and in the mid-70's dropped NBC for full CBS affiliation.
The station was donated to Jacksonville State University for a writeoff, hence the more recent calls WJSU.
The station is owned by Flagship Broadcasting, but LMA'd by Allbritton, who owns WCFT. WBMA, a low power station is official Birmingham's ABC affiliate. WJSU, along with Tuscaloosa station WCFT serve as "satellites" to rebroadcast ABC all over central Alabama.



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