FM Technical Profile: WJSR

Station Name:
New Hot 91.1
Hot AC
Transmitter Location:
Jefferson State Community College, Pinson Campus.
Power (ERP):
230 watts.
Directional: Towards the north, away from WVSU-FM and Birmingham.
Antenna HAAT:
194 feet.
Other Information:
How's the Signal?
Signal is strongest right near the campus. Signal weakens quickly going towards Center Point and Tarrant, but is much better over Pinson. Dies out before Blount county line.
Jefferson State Community College, Pinson Campus.
Jefferson State Community College.
Noted Personalities:
How's it sound?
The sound quality of this station varies considerably because of the nature of the station. Most commom audio problems are distortion and phasing problems, otherwise the audio can be quite good. Around March 2000, the station dropped its adult contemporary format and J-91 slogan for a more college-oriented sound with the "New Hot 91.1" slogan.



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