TV Technical Profile: WIAT

Transmitter Location:
On Red Mtn. 4th tower down from Vulcan, if you're looking from Birmingham. It's the red-white striped one.
Power (ERP):
5 MW.
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
 1,381 feet.
Other Information:
Station History:
WIAT came on the air on October 17, 1965 as WBMG (BirMinGham). Prior to that time, the programming from the three major networks was cherry-picked by the only two commercial stations in the market, WBRC-6 and WAPI-13 (Now WVTM). The area lacked a CBS affiliate, which is what this station became when it went on the air.
WBMG always struggled as a UHF battling two VHF competitors. The situation came to a head in 1997 when the new owners acknowledged a 1% share of the market audience during their newscasts. It ranked dead last, even behind reruns! So, it was time to stop and start over with a new staff and a new image. For about a one month period, the station stopped airing local news. During those time periods (5 and 10 pm) the station ran a clock. Yes, a clock. Once a new staff was assembled, the calls changed to WIAT and local news resumed. The calls coincide with the station's new slogan (It's About Time).
Up until last year, the calls have always been WBMG.



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