TV Technical Profile: WHBR

Christian Television Network
Transmitter Location:
WPMI TV 15 tower.
Power (ERP):
3.47 MW
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT):
1362 feet.
Directional: Lobes to the east and west, towards Pensacola and Mobile.
Other Information:
Station History:
WHBR was originally intended to be a commercial independent. The CP was held by Harbor Broadcasting  Company (hence the calls). They chickened out and sold off to the Chrisitan Television Network of Clearwater, Florida. The station came on the air in 1985, transmitting from a a side mounted antenna on the WPMI TV tower. It was somewhat unusual that WHBR and WMPV both came on the air within months of each other -- both carrying 100% religious programming. Though this setup has lasted for 14 years, there have always been indications that there is not enough viewer support available in the market to make both stations fully viable.
The transmitter location is shown below. Click on the map to interact. On the bottom is WHBR's directional antenna pattern.