FM Technical Profile: WENN

Station Name:
105.9 Jammin' Oldies
Oldies: Upbeat Oldies with an emphasis on black oldies
Transmitter Location:
Ruffner Mtn.
Power (ERP):
1.4 kW.
Antenna HAAT:
672 feet.
Other Information:
How's the Signal?
Signal is excellent over Roebuck and Irondale. Signal is good to poor over most all of Jefferson and Shelby counties.  Signal weakens more west of downtown Birmingham but can be received sucessfully in such places as Concord, Calera, Montevallo and Vincent.
424 16th Street North, Birmingham / 244 Goodwin Crest Drive, Homewood.
Noted Personalities:
How's it sound?
Wow! The legendary WENN is back on the air now and the sound quality is very good. The sparkling high frequencies associated with the scourge of Musicam is rarely, if ever audible. It may just be my remote listening post, but there is a noticeable "squeal" during very quiet passages; it's like there's some interference in a studio-transmitter links, or like another station is interfering with WENN itself. Hey I'm not a technician, just a listener. Otherwise, the sound is excellent.
105.9 FM: Originally started as a local station for Trussville, playing a satellite oldies format. That actually may have been a diversion until a real format could get up and going, however. In the early 90's became WWBR (The Bear) and played hard rock and heavy metal type music. Later evolved into WRAX, 106 X, an alternative rock station. The signal has always been a hinderance to ratings, so Dick Broadcasting, who operated 106 X for American General Media, bought WENN 107.7 FM and switched it with WRAX. The format of WENN at the time (black contemporary) went to 105.9, but didn't last long. The station fell silent, but recently came back on the air as WENN, Jammin' Oldies. WRAX, with it's new big signal at 107.7 now does quite well in the ratings. Jammin' Oldies, although not a big ratings sucess so far, seems to be doing well with the tiny singal that covers the east side of Birmingham.

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