AM Technical Profile: WDIZ

Adult Standards - Stardust
Transmitter Location:
East of Panama City near Springfield.
Power (ERP):
1,700 watts day / 2,500 watts night.
1 tower days / 3 tower nights: Directional to the south towards Tyndell AFB.
Other Information:
590 was WDLP, a top 40 station, from the late 50's until sometime in the 70's. The station later became a sister station to 98.5 and got the WGNE calls, which were formerly on another local frequency. In the early 90's, the station aired a new age sound for a time, calling itself "The Breeze". (At that time, it was an AM companion of a class A FM in Mexico Beach.) Later became a Paxson station, and airs a satellite fed nostalgia format with call letter WDIZ AM (oddly, WDIZ FM is in Orlando).

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