AM Technical Profile: WBHY

Transmitter Location:
Pritchard, at the WLPR AM 960 site. (Two tower site: WBHY uses one, WLPR the other, except at night when WBHY goes off the air. WLPR uses both towers for the directional antenna.)
Power (ERP):
10,000 watts day only.
Other Information:
840 began life in the 50's as WKAB, Mobile's first top 40 stations, though it was a daytimer. In the early 60's the station got tough and changed their call letters to WTUF. Finally driven from the format by competition on FM, they changed to country. The station has tried other formats since then, including talk and MoR as WMOB, then oldies in the 80's as WWAX. Later hit on adult contemporary as WBHY (Bay). Finally found it's niche, as many AM daytimers do, as a time-brokered religious station. Increased power from 1 kW to 10 kW in the late 80's. now shares a transmitter site with 960 AM.

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