AM Technical Profile: WATV

Black Oldies, Black Adult Contemporary, Soul.
Transmitter Location:
Across from Nikki's West Restaurant on Finley Blvd.
Power (ERP):
1,000 watts day / 147 watts night
Other Information:
Owned by Birmingham Ebony
Transmitter site is being moved because the old tower on Finley Blvd is too old to climb.
The station currently has a construction permit for 850 watt days and 158 watt nights. Click here for a street level map of the new transmitter site.
For many years, was a classy sounding easy listening station, with CBS affiliation. The calls were WLBS, and the studio may have been in the old Cabana Motel. Had no real ratings to speak of. Calls changed to WATV at one point... In the mid 70's, it was "taken over" by the general manager and staff of WENN's AM outlet and switched to the black format. (The white GM of WENN (Joe Lackey) was fired by it's new black owners and the entire staff walked out with him, going to WATV.) Up to that time, the WENN DJs had developed quite a following in the community and was a dominant market force. That popularity went to WATV, which became a high rated station (unheard of for a daytimer!) and remained so until FM took over. The station, now owned by local man Shelly Stewart, plays a mix of black oldies and black adult contemporary, in stereo. Shelly was a WENN DJ whose on air name was "Shelly the Playboy".
Early in 2000 the station recieved a permit to move to a new transmitter site, about 2 miles west of their current location on Finley Blvd. The old transmitter tower has deteriorated beyond repair. It will come down once the new site is running.

Current transmitter location. Click to interact.

New transmitter location. Click to interact.