AM Technical Profile: WAGG

Religious: Black Gospel
Transmitter Location:
Twin towers are located on the property of the Alabama State Fairgrounds in Five Points West.
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts day / 1,000 watts night
1 tower days / 2 towers nights.
Other Information:
Owned by Cox Radio Inc.
Put on the air as WKBC in 1925 by the R. B. Broyles Furniture Company, this station was orignially on 1310 kHz. The station moved to 1340 kHz in 1941, where The Birmingham News bought it and changed the calls to WSGN (South's Greatest Newspaper), sort of a take off on WGN and Chicago Tribune with "World's Greatest Newspaper". In 1963 the station was sold and the new owners brough in a strong staff, and about that time it became the dominant Top 40 station, up until FM began to dominate with music lovers in the late 70's. This station spawned WSGN-FM, later WDJC-FM. After it's heyday, it became a companion to WZZK-FM (getting the WZZK-AM calls). About six months ago the station switched to a nostalgia format (calls then WEZN) where it enjoyed a small revival in the ratings (the format has been missed since WAPI went talk) but was recently switched with WAGG 1320 AM, enabling WAGG to take perhaps the best day and night AM signal in town. The nostalgia and WEZN calls are now on 1320 AM. The WSGN calls have found their way back to Alabama with Gadsden State's FM outlet in Gadsden.
Rick Dees was once a jock at WSGN in its top 40 heyday!

Transmitter location:

Nighttime antenna pattern: