AM Technical Profile: WABB

Talk, News
Transmitter Location:
Power (ERP):
5,000 watts days / 4,400 watts nights.
1 omnidirectional day tower / 4 tower array nights: Directional towards Eastern Shore.
Other Information:
Owned by Dittman
WABB was the radio station of the Mobile Press Register when it began in the late 40's. It was the city's leading top 40 station from 1959 until FM competition eroded it's position in the late 70's. The FM station which shares the same calls picked up the top 40 format which it still has this day. In it's glory days of top 40-dom, it had incredible ratings and some famous name DJs worked there before going on the larger markets. Since then it's flirted with nostalgia, oldies, black oldies and now it's all talk. The call letters have never changed. WABB now has the Alabama-based syndicated Rick and Bubba show on mornings.

Transmitter map:

Nighttime antenna pattern: